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The Grace Baptist Mission – Ghana Blog is all about keeping our partners and supporters informed about what is happening at Grace Baptist Mission and how you can support the work. This Blog is our vehicle for passing on all of the latest news at the mission and the web site.

When a new newsletter is published on our site, news of its posting will be posted here, as well as any other content updates at the site.

News items from the site and the mission are currently posted by the site administrator, however, there may from time to time appears posts from others associated with Grace Baptist Mission – Ghana.

Kevin for

  1. VICTORIA L KILROY permalink

    I cannot find anything current 2017 or 2016. My church supports Pastor Noah and I am making up a collage on this ministry and looking for something more current then the Sept-Oct 2015 Newletter.

    • Can I suggest you go to the actual website for the mission and fill out the contact form on this matter. I once maintained the website for the mission but no longer do so. So I am unable to assist you with that. I think I’ll be closing the Blog for the mission down in the very near future, as it appears it is not used or of interest to the actual mission these days.

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